Industry Veteran Mitchell Hamilton Joins The C3 Group

Meet Mitchell Hamilton. Formerly a Site Director with proven experience delivering costs, recruiting top talent, and developing leaders at a Fortune 50 company, Mitch is an expert in maximizing efficiency, streamlining work, and delivering results for over 35 years. In addition, as site director, Mitch was a perennial award winner that also included multiple years in the top 3 of Site, Warehouse, Manufacturing awards of excellence, which includes winning the highest site award for the company 2 out of his last 4 years.


Improvement in efficiency in the areas of people, efficiencies, time and money, that delivers increased profit and improved employee morale for the company.


Understanding strengths, opportunities, business values and objectives, through observations, interviews, and process reviews.  Mitch utilizes his 35+ years of experience to work with the client to develop actions and strategies that improve on the opportunities while building on the strengths.  


35+ years of experience of delivering proven exceptional results through the development of leaders, processes, efficiency tracking, and teams with a Fortune 50 company.  Delivered P&L results over a period of 9 years, not only off setting inflation in wages, raw materials, and overhead, but also reduced the cost of manufacturing by over 5%.  He delivered these results while maintaining less than 2% full time turnover, average IFR < 2 frequency and LTIF < .8 frequency, versus 3.4 and 2.9 respectively.

What that looks like for clients?

We take an active approach that includes on site walkthrough of operations with a knowledgeable leader in the organization and 1-1, round table meetings with key personnel understanding the actual and perceived pain points.  We then take the information gathered and notes from observations to put together a proposal that meets the scope and desired outcome of the client.

What is not directly included?

  • Margin Maximization: Product profitability
  • Strategic Material Sourcing: procurement
  • Change Management: managing change in the implementation of actions
  • Bottleneck identification: pinch points in manufacturing and their value

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