The effective management of risk within a business or organization is critical to protecting its human and financial assets and ability to control costs. The C3 Group’s seasoned risk management consultants provide technical resources and objective guidance on issues that impact a business or organization’s ability to meet goals and objectives. Our goal is to help clients better understand and quantify the true cost of risk within their organization, which ultimately helps to lower insurance and related business costs through the implementation of effective controls.

What We Cover:

  • Loss Control Services
  • Claims Administration
  • Medical Case Management
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Surveillance & Virtual Information Assessments (VIA)
  • OSHA Compliance & Training
  • Health & Safety Programs
  • Safety Committees
  • Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) Reduction
  • Experience Modification (e-MOD) Reduction
  • OSHA DART Rate Reduction
  • Workers Compensation Program Cost Controls
  • New York State Code Rule 59 Consultations
  • Accident & Illness Prevention Plans & Compliance
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Identify Key Opportunities

Workers compensation costs are too high.


Evaluate Improvement Options

A Return-to-Work program will help employees get back to work sooner and control medical and wage costs.


Implement Initiatives

Partnered with senior management and designed a process that fit the unique needs of the client.


Measure Performance

Experience Modification Factor (MOD) now below 1.0 and workers compensation costs reduced by 20%.

Managing risk is critical for your business. We're here to help.