Company Sponsored vs Non-Company Sponsored Retirement Plans

For organizations with an existing company-sponsored retirement plan, we provide plan sponsors with an independent benchmarking of their fees and investment lineup, comparing the current offering to the rest of the industry. Equipping plan sponsors with this information leads to better decision making about choosing the appropriate vendor, recordkeeper, third-party administrator, and the fund menu for the plan participants. In addition, we help the plan fiduciaries meet their compliance responsibilities as set forth by ERISA, and other regulatory agencies.

For organizations without a company-sponsored retirement plan, or brand-new start-ups, we help plan sponsors select, structure, and offer the type of qualified retirement plan that meets the needs and goals of the plan participants.

Since we do not have allegiance to any single plan provider, we are able to deliver independent, objective, and balanced advisory services. Our comprehensive investment fund review provides oversight and guidance on a sound investment portfolio offering. We are dedicated to educating plan sponsors with full transparency through the process of benchmarking fees, services, and investments. Our commitment to plan participants includes our ongoing offering of financial wellness to help them save for a comfortable retirement.

Retirement plans include 401(k), 403(b), IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP Plans, SIMPLE IRA Plans, Defined Benefit Plans, and Profit Sharing Plans, and more.

  • Fee Benchmarking & Comparison
  • Plan Design & Optimization
  • Provider Contract Review & Negotiation
  • Plan Compliance & Fiduciary Guidance
  • Plan Sponsor Retirement Education
  • Investment Opportunities Ranking
  • Personal Wealth Management Services

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Identify Key Opportunities

Health benefit insurance costs are skyrocketing.


Evaluate Improvement Options

A change of broker can provide competitive access to all available insurance carriers, as well as complimentary services to both employer and employee.


Implement Initiatives

The broker coordinated all changes with a seamless transition. Existing staff functions were reduced and relocated.


Measure Performance

Health benefits insurance costs reduced by 25% and internal labor costs reduced by $30,000. Services to employees increase dramatically.

Financial services are critical for your retirement plans. We're here to help.

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